Teaching Goals

The goals of our Department are to cultivate talent personnel both have the intellectual knowledge of Food Science and practical experiences, as well as to assist the industrial developments of Penghu area.

Teaching Features

The teaching of our Department is based on Food Science Technology and covers the fields of agricultural and aquatic products. Our teachings coordinate with the industrial features of Penhu to develop the features of ocean resources and local agricultural developing applications. In addition to cultivate our students to possess the intellectual knowledge of traditional food basis, we also have the capabilities to develop the local featured products. Furthermore, the personnel cultivation of food safety management is another feature of our Department for the trainings of students to have their capabilities on food safety and quality control.

Course Planning

The courses of our Department emphasize both on theories and practices. We focus on Factory Practices, Food Processing, Food Test & Analysis, and Food Safety Control; therefore we emphasize on the professional knowledge and practices of individual factory management, legal regulations, product development, food safety, and others. It is expected that our cultivated students not only have their basic professional accomplishments with certain levels in practical experiences, but also have their characteristics of optimism, service, creation, and international views that can grasp the pulsation of modern era and comply with social requirements.

Faculty and Facilities

The faculty of our Department is consisted of dedicated teachers who have multiple professional certificates and licenses, industrial practical experiences, and PhD degrees. Our Department established 3 large laboratory rooms of Food Microbiology, Food Test & Analysis, and Food Processing, as well as the tasting room and public instrument room. Additionally, we have the professional study rooms of Aquatic Functional Peptides, Enzyme Catalysis and Application, Biological Technology, Application microbiology, Food Physical properties and Engineering, Food Safety and Microbes, Ocean Biochemistry, Biochemical Process, and Application Biological Technology.

Prospects after Graduation

For advanced studies, the graduated students of our Department can register for the examinations of domestic or foreign relevant-field institutes, such as the relevant institutes of Food Science, Biological technologies, Application Chemistry, and others. While in the aspect of occupations, they can work in the individual food companies, pharmaceutical factories, biochemical technological companies, and other companies; or attend individual kinds of public employment examinations. As for the certificates and licenses, they can register for the certificate/license examinations of Food Technician, Food Test & Analysis, Healthcare Food engineer, Chemistry, Baking, Chinese Cooking, Chinese Noodle Foods, Mixology, etc.

Future Development

Our Department will continue to substantiate the teaching laboratories and practical training factories; and, it will be conducted through the individual industry-academic cooperation projects to increase the opportunities of student practical trainings and enhance further their occupational competition powers. Our Department has already connected with the domestic and school resources and performs actively in researches and developments in order to become the important research place of domestically ocean and agricultural resources.